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Run a Half or Full Marathon and Change Your Life Forever!

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Are you here because…

You’ve always wanted to check a half or full marathon off your “bucket list” or you just want to get into incredible shape?

Good News! You have come to the right place! Over the last ten years, we have helped people just like you unlock their unlimited potential, finish a  half or full marathon and get into amazing shape.

So far, we have helped couch potatoes from all walks of life and all around the world finish over 4,000 half and full marathons.

We are ready to help you accomplish your life-changing goal!

We believe that you are amazing and can do phenomenal things when you are surrounded by a positive, caring and encouraging community. We know that life can knock you down and sell you a bunch of lies, imposing on you limitations that can keep you from your full potential. We Change That!

Everything we do is about building you up, supporting you and equipping you with the knowledge, tools, encouragement and faith that will help you find your limitless self.

This Is How We Do It Here!

  • Experience The Marathon Makeover Family

    We help you become a part of a supportive community that is like a big, positive, loving family out for a very long walk or run together!

  • We Have The Plan To Keep You Moving

    You will get a daily step-by-step plan that takes you straight from the couch to being ready for a full marathon 40 weeks later.

  • Fully Supported & Organized Training Runs

    Each Saturday we provide a fully-supported training run to prepare you for your race event – in areas where a local team is available.

  • Weekly Streaming Video Instruction

    You’ll receive weekly, live video instruction where you can watch and interact with trainers and participants from all over.

  • Weekly Emails To Keep You On Track

    Every week you will receive at least two emails to keep you informed, motivated and inspired to stay the course on your marathon journey.

  • Online Support and Member Only Access

    You’ll connect with other participants online with our private groups and have access to member’s only content.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know how scary it can be to sign up for a group exercise program. One of our Marathon Makeover participants put her head down on her desk and cried after she registered! (She has trained with us now for three years)

We give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Come for the first four weeks of training and if you decide it's not for you, we will refund your full fee, no questions asked!

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Your Marathon Makeover journey begins with a first step – registering for the 2014 season. When you commit to the process, you will begin to feel the satisfaction of knowing that you are joining the league of marathoners – something that less than 1% of the population will ever do!

Training Starts on January 18th and 25th (locations vary). It’s time to get ready!


Online Training Program

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“My online experience with Marathon Makeover was great. I finished the Chicago Marathon a few weeks ago, and it was solely because of Marathon Makeover. I reached my goal of completing a marathon (my first!!) at age 52 without injury.” David Wooten,

Thanks, MM support staff, for the last 8 months!

“You were right [Mark & Robin Simpson] the medal was great but the journey to get there was even better!

I had Phil 4:13 engraved on my medal. No doubt He was the source of my strength.”

Cora Beth Hartfield,
Yesterday was an amazing day.

“The Chicago Marathon was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life, but perhaps the most amazing part of all was the support of the entire Marathon Makeover family–not team to me, but family.” Lisa Ratzlaff,

What Makes Marathon Makeover Different?

We are a training program for couch potatoes... seriously!

When you show up for Marathon Makeover, you don't have to worry about being left in the dust by experienced runners. We're not a running club of fast runners that are going to run off and leave you.

Whether you can run a ten-minute mile or you take 20 minutes to walk a mile, you will be right at home with Marathon Makeover.

We remember what it was like to be a couch potato. That first mile was a real stretch for us, even walking it, and that is exactly where you will start - walking just ONE mile!

Training for and completing your half or full marathon is a process that requires a lot of support. We are there to help you start and will be there to cheer you in when you return, no matter how long it takes.

When I was in graduate school, studying to become a Marriage & Family Therapist, I came across an incredible quote that has shaped my vision of Marathon Makeover. What was it?

“By the crowds we are wounded and by the crowds we are healed.” – L.C. Marsh

Everything we do at Marathon Makeover is committed to creating a community that uplifts, inspires and motivates each person to become their best – many times in a profoundly transformative way.

Mark Simpson Director - Marathon Makeover
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Listen to Our Marathoners…

In January 2009, when I joined Marathon Makeover, I never dreamed of what it would come to mean to me.

I thought the program would be a way to lose weight and that the 40 weeks of accountability would help that effort .  It did that and so much more!  I found a group of encouragers, cheerleaders, and friends that I might never have met, if not for MM.  I finished my first full marathon in October that year and have completed 16 half marathons since then. Marathon Makeover gave me more than friends and medals; it made me an athlete and gave me my confidence back and removed “can’t” from my vocabulary.  Thanks MM! Jana Parish,

The journey that I have taken is proof that one should never say never.

Inspired by my wonderful wife, Lisa, and numerous friends from Marathon Makeover, that first marathon is now behind me. My most important run is the next one. Mark & Lisa Davis,

Recently a stranger saw the 26.2 sticker on my car and asked me how did I ever run a full marathon. My answer was simple, “one step at a time.”

I joined Marathon Makeover in 2010, shortly after an annual wellness checkup that yielded not so good results. At that time, I did not exercise regularly, nor did I have a strong desire to run, much less run long distances. The first training year was amazing as I made weekly progress toward our marathon goal. Four years later, I still run with Marathon Makeover, running 3-4 times weekly and have completed 2 full marathons and many half marathons. Like most of us, I have a stressful job and running has become my way to reduce stress. I’ve had no health issues in my last four years of wellness check ups. Running has reaffirmed to me that I can accomplish anything in life, no hill is too steep and no distance too far.

But the best part of Marathon Makeover is the impact it has made on my family. My wife Ellen also is a Marathon Makeover team member and we enjoy running together and supporting our Marathon Makeover team as support team members. She has completed a full marathon and multiple half marathons as well. We have traveled to Florida, New Orleans, Chicago, and St. Louis to participate in races. Our two college age daughters have trained with us and each has successfully completed half marathons. Running, made possible by Marathon Makeover, has truly changed our family in a healthy way. Don Meeler,

    It’s So Much More Than A Marathon!

    • Q.Is there an age limit for the Marathon Makeover?

      A.Yes. You must be 21 years old to participate and there is no upper limit to participation –- medical approval from your doctor is strongly suggested.

    • Q.Where will the meetings be held?

      A.The first ten weeks will be held at locations to be announced in your training area. Training teams will host the remaining 30 weekly runs in areas in your area. If you’re an online participant, your content will be delivered online.

    • Q.What if I miss a Saturday?

      A.For the first ten weeks, all the meetings will be recorded and online in the members’ section. An occasional absence should not negatively impact your training if you get the miles in on your own.

    • Q.Is Marathon Makeover a running club?

      A.No! Marathon Makeover is a 40-week wellness program that seeks to transform the health – emotional, physical, and relational – of our participants.

    • Q.Are walkers really welcomed?

      A.We stress “Running your own race” with Marathon Makeover and have some that run a lot, those that walk exclusively, and others that do run/walk intervals. We set a time limit for all training “run/walks” at 20 minutes per mile (with a 4-hour cap on most long runs) and help people over time to speed up – aiming for a 16 minute mile minimum. Most fall within that range but last year we had several 8 hour finishers – and we were/are proud of them!

    • Q.When most people start your program, can they already run a mile or two without stopping?

      A.No! We encourage most of our participants to walk exclusively for the first ten weeks. We start with walking one mile and over the first ten weeks we build to a 5K (3.1 miles). The mileage then starts to compound and 12 weeks later you will be able to finish a half marathon distance. By the end of 40 weeks you’re ready for a marathon or a stronger second half marathon distance. We stress “Running your own race” and have some that run a lot, those that walk exclusively, and others, that do run/walk intervals.

    • Q.When is the registration due?

      A.The registration fee is due by kick-off or your first meeting.

    • Q.Do I have to do a full marathon?

      A.No. We train people to complete a full or half marathon and will provide you a list of race options that can help you achieve your goal.

    What You Receive With Marathon Makeover!

    • 40 Weeks of Marathon Training
    • Fully Supported Saturday Training Runs*
    • A Daily Training Schedule
    • Weekly Live Streaming Training Programs
    • Weekly Information & Motivation Emails
    • Members Only Online Access to Training Community
    • Access to Article & Video Archive
    • Marathon Makeover Team Running Shirt
    • A Life-Changing Experience!

    We Look Forward To Having Fun Training With You!

    Every year our Marathon Makeover family grows larger and larger. We can't wait to get to know you and share some miles and life together as we help you on this fantastic journey!

    Mark & Robin Simpson
    Directors - Marathon Makeover, LLC


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